Digital Photography

Digital photography is a powerful and versatile tool in the field of dentistry. With cosmetic and restorative applications, digital photography enhances treatment outcomes while improving your overall dental experience.

How Digital Photography Improves Your Dental Experience

  • Record Keeping. Digital photography creates a high-resolution digital record of both soft and hard dental tissues that can be easily archived, compared, and reviewed.
  • Collaborative Treatment Planning. Digital photography allows you and your dentist to literally see eye-to-eye. Seeing what your dentist sees allows you to better understand any dental issues you may have, and how your dentist plans to treat them. Digital photography can also help you express your goals and needs more accurately.
  • Objectivity. Digital dental images are taken with the health, function, and beauty of your teeth as the primary focus. As they are specially calibrated to accurately capture a detailed image of your teeth’s color and condition, digital images allow you to see your mouth and teeth through the eyes of your dentist. Digital images provide you with a fuller understanding of your oral health needs and treatment progress, empowering you to objectively make constructive decisions and celebrate real treatment progress.
  • An Inside Perspective. Dr. R. Herman, Dr. Mack, or Dr. E. Herman may use an intraoral camera that lets you see inside of your mouth during treatment planning and procedures. The intraoral camera streams real-time video onto a screen, allowing you to become an informed and active participant in your oral health.
  • Visible Progress. From restorative to cosmetic treatments, digital photography captures detailed before-and-after images of your mouth and teeth, allowing you to clearly see the difference your treatments have made.

As your primary oral healthcare providers, Dr. R. Herman, Dr. Mack, and Dr. E. Herman look forward to partnering with you to create your healthiest and most beautiful smile. For an inside look at your mouth and teeth, contact our office to schedule your next appointment.

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